Smart Home Automation Systems:Convenience, Comfort, Control Digital

A smart home puts your in-home technology and entertainment to work for you, whenever and wherever you need it. At Control Digital, our smart home automation systems respond to your voice, your smartphone, your keypad, and even your schedule. Lock your doors, close your garage, turn down the heat, turn out the lights, and more. Home control systems, provided by brands such as Control4, tie all of your smart home products together.

The Smart Home Products and Brands You Love

Control Digital’s smart home systems are compatible with thousands of smart home products and devices. In addition, Control Digital sells smart home technology from popular brands including TruAudio, Samsung, Atlona, and Marantz. Our customers enjoy easy updates as well, whenever their needs change.

Smart Home Networking Connects It All

Many new smart home customers are concerned about the speed and reliability of their home network. They ask, is our home network up to the task?

Our smart home experts do all the networking, and we provide everything our customers need, including routers, switches, and access points. We trust Pakedge to provide networking equipment and remote support tools that keep your smart home and home network running smoothly.

Entertainment To Wow Your Family and Guests

Our customers are tired of one-room-only entertainment. Our smart home systems can control surround-sound, multi-room, HD video and audio. We can also assist in selecting the right home theater system and media devices, if needed.

Smart Lighting Controls That Work Anywhere

Enjoy the ease and aesthetics of smart lighting provided by Control digital as part of your smart Home Automation System. Raise or dim the lights in one room, or in multiple rooms at once, using your smartphone, your voice, or one of our elegant keypads.  If your standard everyday light switches do not appeal to you, we can centralize the smart lighting controls in a closet, or otherwise out of sight.  In addition, utilizing motion sensors, our smart lighting system can turn lights on when someone enters the room, and off again when they leave.

Control Your Home While You Are Away

Did you know you could program your shades to raise and lower themselves at different times during the day to save energy, just as you can program your thermostat?  Our smart Home Automation Systems are all about convenience and comfort. Answer the doorbell from anywhere or warm up the spa or hot tub on your way home from work. You can even program your sprinkler system to respond to weather reports.

Smart Home Security

Enjoy peace of mind. Monitor your house any time, and set up alerts for incidents like garage doors left ajar, water leaks, and entries or exits.

Planning Your Smart Home Automation System

Contact Control Digital today to see if a smart home is right for you. We have everything you need to get started, and our experts also have evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.